How To Increase Your Infolinks Revenue

Infolinks is another popular revenue generating opportunity.It allows you to serve In Text ads on website to earn from each valid click.Best paying keywords are underlined and every time a visitor hovers over one of these highlighted words, an advertisement related to that keywords are shown. Each time a visitor clicks on one of the ads, you get paid .

After completing the integration, you can easily customize and configure various parameters of the In-Text ad delivery to Get a better user experience and maximize your revenues! More clicks makes more money and for more clicks you need more traffic.Try to make more content and learn how to market your site.

Here are some tips to optimize Infolinks In text ads across your sites which can easily maximize your revenues.

Set the link color to better suit your pages. The color of the In Text links should stand out from the text color of your pages.There is an option on the right side of the customization wizard to set your site’s text and background colors to see how infolinks In-Text links will look on your site.

Choose your link color wisely .Commonly used link color is blue. But it is better to select your hyperlink color as your link color to get more clicks.You can set the highlighted links on your pages to have a single or double underline . The most common method is to use double underline , which gives a clear message to your website visitors – these are In Text Adds.You can set single underline for your ads, this will surely increase the CTR. But Infolinks serves better paying ads with double underlined keyword.Set the links per page to 6 . Infolinks recommended to set the max number of links per page to 12 to get the feeling of ads on your website pages.If all of your page has more content to optimize , you can set it to largest. This will increase your revenue.

You can easily change your current category from ‘My Websites’ menu . Select a proper category for your website and see the result.Make Use of Infolinks On/off Text – Infolinks Ads Placement Control and placement tags enable the publisher to control which areas of the web page will display Infolinks in-text ads and which areas will not .Remove the ads from your header and sidebar using the . So you will get more ads in your content and this will increase your CTR.The Search Widget displays  sponsored search results for your search engine visitors . The sponsored search results are matched to your page and the search term that lead the visitor to your website.This will increase your clicks and earnings while adding valuable informative content at the bottom of the page.Related tags allow you to increase your clicks and earnings while adding valuable informational tags within your website’s content.The Infolinks algorithm will choose the best keywords for the page and display them as tags within the Related Tags cloud.All of us likes to display banner ads on our website . Infolinks  InFrame will display attractive banner ads in the margins of your website’s pages.These ads are based on your category . So for better CTR choose the right category.

How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

There are many ways to earn from internet and google adsense is most popular earning platform,Today I'm going to Explain How to earn more money from google adsense. 

* Google AdSense earnings are directly related to web traffic. How much you make depends on your niche, click-through rate and how much ads in your niche pay. Find out why earnings vary.

* Don't compare earnings. You cannot estimate your earnings based on someone else's traffic because every niche is different.

* Three units is not always best. Even though AdSense allows you to use multiple units on one page, that doesn't mean it's always best for your user experience.Also, Google has been known to penalize the rankings of sites that have too many ads. Learn to balance your ads with content.You don't want to run people away by appearing greedy with ad overload. Not to mention it looks unprofessional.

* Diversify. While AdSense can be a great way to earn additional income, you should also diversify your income streams.Not only are earnings unpredictable but you could get your account disabled and lose everything at once.Google's main priority is protecting their advertisers because that's how they make their money.So if they suspect that your account is generating fraudulent clicks or even has the potential to do so, they will disable your account with no warning.

* Find The Right Theme. Rather than trying to tweak and manipulate your site's code, it's best to find a theme that already has the placement setup for where you want to put your AdSense ads.